2020 - 2021 Class Schedule 

Classes start Monday August 10th! Smaller class sizes. Register now to save your spot. 


Monday Studio A

5:30pm    Junior Contemporary

6:30pm    Junior Jazz

7:30pm    Teen Jazz

Monday Studio B

5:30pm    Little Hip Hop/ Jazz (K - 2)

6:30pm    Company L & T

7:30pm    Teen Company Ballet


Tuesday Studio A

4:45pm    Petite Ballet/ Tap (45)       

5:30pm    Junior Ballet

6:30pm    Teen Ballet

Tuesday Studio B    

5:30pm    Junior Company Jazz

6:30pm    Junior Tap

7:30pm    Teen Contemporary

Wednesday Studio A                

4:00pm    Itty Bitty Ballet (45)

4:45pm    Petite Ballet/Tap (45)

5:30pm    Little Ballet/Tap

6:30pm    Junior Company Ballet

7:30pm    Adult Tap

Wednesday Studio B  

5:30pm    Junior Company Contemporary

6:30pm    Teen Company Jazz

7:30pm    Teen Company Contemporary


Thursday Studio A        

5:30pm    Junior Hip Hop

6:30pm    Teen Tap 

7:30pm    Teen Hip Hop 

Thursday Studio B

4:30pm    Acro/ Tumbling - Elementary

5:30pm    Acro/ Tumbling - Middle & High

6:30pm    Teen Hip Hop Company

7:30pm    Teen Tap Company



  9:30am    Itty Bitty Ballet (45)

10:15am    Petite Ballet/ Tap (45)

11:00am    Little Ballet/ Tap 

12:00pm    Junior Ballet/ Tap 

Level Descriptions: Itty Bitty - 2 3/4 - 3 years old, Petite - Pre K to Kindergarten , Little Classes - 1st to 2nd grade, Junior Classes - 3rd to 5th grade, Teen Classes - Middle and High School 






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